Challenge Team 2023

Challenge Team Final

Essex  V Hampshire at Mill Hill Golf Club on Sunday 15th October.

Hampshire are a very positive and strong County, so a tightly contested match was expected. With no age restrictions both teams had one or two young players.

Mill Hill Golf Club – a tightly wooded course on the border of North London and Hertfordshire. Founded in 1927, only four years to go to their Centenary. None of the Essex team had played this course before.

Morning Foursomes:
An early start as days are now drawing in. Bright and sunny but a cold wind.

Pair 1 - Oliver Allison and Oliver Baker (Colchester)                                                                       
Pair 2 - Shay McQueen (Brentwood) and Dominic Piccolo (Thorndon Park)                                   
Pair 3 - Cousins Harry and Timmy Moncur (West Essex)                                                                   
Pair 4 – Team Captain Bradley Coombes (Orsett) and Toby Peters (Thorpe Hall)

The team of 8 players made up from 6 different Essex clubs.

After hole six, Pair 3 were the only Essex pair up. Hole ten, the situation was the same. Hole 13 and Hampshire’s 2nd Pair had an excellent win of 7&5. Come on Essex! Then the Hampshire 4th pair followed with a 6&5 win. Again – come on Essex!  And they did. The Moncurs, Pair finished 5&4 and finally the Olivers, Pair 1 went to the 17th to win 3&1.  

Foursomes 2 - 2

Afternoon Singles:

Essex played in the same order as they had in the morning. Hampshire changed their order so all but three players were meeting someone new. The Moncurs were each against one of the pair they had beaten in the foursomes and Brad against one of the morning pair he had lost to – so all to play for.

Olly A out first and off to a good start 3up after seven holes. Shay was then 1up and Brad 2up, with Dominic and Ollie B both all square. Match so far looking quite even. After hole 11 we were just in the lead, but a long way to go.

Our leader, Olly A then finished with an excellent 6&5 win – he had never looked like losing. 

All the rest of the field looking as if they could easily go to the 18th. Players 2 and 3 did, Ollie B finishing all square and Shay beating the Hampshire team captain 1up.

Five matches still to finish – all square in two and down in three.  Harry in match 5 never more than 1up went to the 18th and maintained his 1up to win. Essex now had 3½ of the 8 points.

Two matches to go and Brad, last player out, a beautiful drive on the par three 16th , a gimee birdie led to a 2&1 win. Young Toby had the final match of the day, on the 18th, finishing all square.

Singles: Essex 5 – 3 Hampshire

Match Result: Essex 7 – 5 Hampshire

A very tight match as expected, played in a good spirit by all. A first for our Challenge team matches – no rain. Congratulations to Brad and his team        


Report v Bedford (Home)

Final 2023 league match took place versus Bedfordshire at Thorpe Hall Golf Club on Sunday 10th September. One of the hottest days of the year

Essex team as follows: - Dominic Piccolo, Jack Boyd (Thorndon Park). Shay McQueen (Brentwood). Harry Moncur (West Essex). Joe Smith (Abridge). Alan Sharrocks (Colchester). Max Maddocks, Toby Peters (Thorpe Hall).

Two players in the Challenge Team squad for the first time – Alan and Toby. Max and Toby both junior players from the home club and both proving to be great assets. Alan a most welcome strong addition to the squad. Challenge Team Captain, Bradley Coombes, away playing for Orsett in the Thornton Cup final.

Most of the Beds team played a practice round on the Saturday, seven of the Essex players giving it a miss as several of them had been playing in the heat on Friday at the Romford Trophy.

The Beds Manager had had last minute drop outs and he also had a couple of juniors playing. In the previous away match five of today’s Essex players had played and three of the Beds team.

Morning Foursomes: Started at 8.30 and even then, it was hot!

Dom and Alan led the way and after hole 6 all four pairs were up. Shay & Harry by 4, Dom & Alan and Jack & Toby by 2, and Joe & Max by 1. A good strong start.

After hole 11 Shay & Harry were dormy 7 up and went on to an impressive 8&6 win – Last pair out, first pair in. Hole 12 both pairs Jack & Toby and Dom & Alan 4 up and went on to win 5&4 and 5&3 respectively. Joe & Max still playing – keeping their 1 up lead throughout and finishing on the 17th – 2&1.                                             Foursomes:  4 – 0

Afternoon Singles:

 Played in eight singles matches, which was great for the players being so much quicker in the continuing heat, in the same order as the morning. After hole 5 Essex were up in six, down in two. Hole 12 saw am outstanding win of 8&6 by Toby. Not far behind came Shay 5&4. Three matches went to the 15th – Jack winning 5&3, and Dom and Max both 4&3. Max played the same Beds player as had met in the away match – Kyle Faulkner must have hoped for revenge but it was not to be.

Three matches to go – Harry finished on the 17th 2up. Alan and Joe went to the 18th. Alan 1up, Joe 1down.                                                                                                          Singles:  7 – 1 

Total: 11 – 1

Beds were a charming group of players and warmly congratulated the Essex Team, Four matches played, four matches won, Essex will now play Hampshire in the South East England Final at Mill Hill on 15th October

Good Luck Team!

Report Challenge League Match v Middlesex .

The third of the four 2023 League Matches. Away to Middlesex at Wyke Green Golf Club on Sunday 3rd September.

A delightful parkland course designed by Messrs Hawtree and Taylor on land that was purchased by members in 1926. An amazing number of trees, especially poplars and willows which require constant attention from the green staff. Close to Heathrow airport, the railway line and the motorway. One local supporter stated we call this course our “trains, planes and automobile course”

The Essex team were as follows:-

Captain Brad Coombes (Orsett) & Oliver Allison (Colchester). Shay McQueen (Brentwood) & Dominic Piccolo (Thorndon Park). Timmy & Harry Moncur (West Essex). Jake Hinton (Brentwood) & Jack Boyd (Thorndon Park).

None of these 8 players had played this course before and, for once, we had no rain. A very hot weekend – summer has arrived!

Morning Foursomes: After five holes Essex were trailing. Two down in the first match and all square in the other three. Things had slightly improved after nine, with the first two pairs now all square and Timmy & Harry three up and Jake & Jack one up, Further improvement after hole 15 with Timmy & Harry having won 5&4 and the other three pairs all 1up. Brad & Oli finished 1up and Shay & Dominic and Jake & Jack both finished all square.                                  Foursomes: 3 – 1

Afternoon Singles: Essex played in virtually the same order as in the morning. Oli led the way playing against the Wyke Green Club Captain, Norman Sheils. This was again going to be a very tight contest. After hole 7 three players were up. Brad by 3, Dom by 2 and Jack by 1. After hole 9 things were looking better – up in five, down in three. After hole 13 we had our first win – an excellent 6&5 for Brad. Oli took Norman to the 18th and won 1up. Three of the remaining matches went to the 16th with Dominic, Timmy and Harry all finishing 2&1.                                                                  Singles: 5 -3

                                                                       Match total 8 – 4

The day was played in excellent spirit. Essex were made so welcome by players and club. Thanks to all and congratulations to Wyke Green’s green staff for maintaining such a superb course. Thoroughly recommend any golfer to play there if they get the opportunity.

Dave Edwards

Challenge Team Manager 


Home to Middlesex at Thorpe Hall Golf Club on 23rd April


Weather unfortunately exactly as predicted – cool and sunny on the practice Saturday and rain, rain and more rain on the Sunday match day.

Team: Bradley Coombes (Capt), Cassidy Steffens & Callum Newton (Orsett). Rory Bennet & Dominic Piccolo (Thorndon Park). Oliver Allison (Colchester). Michael Gilbert (Chelmsford). Timmy Moncur (West Essex).


Under the SE group rules for the Challenge League there are no age limitations.  Essex using many of the previous Colts squad fielded this team of 18-27’s. Middlesex with one young 17year-old late replacement had the remainder of their team ages ranging up to 50’s.

Morning Foursomes:

Light rain to start with and then a couple of extremely heavy downpours. After nine holes there was some concern as to whether or not the course would remain playable. At this stage the match was quite close. Michael & Timmy 3up, Brad & Callum 2up, Olly & Rory 1up, Cass & Dominic 1 down.

Play continued in lighter rain and at least the large puddles on the greens began to subside.

Brad & Callum maintained their 2up lead and finished 2&1. Michael & Tim pulled ahead in their game and had a good 5&4 win. Olly & Rory took their game to the 18th and finished 1up. Middlesex took the fourth game 4&3.

                                                                                                Foursomes: 3 – 1

After an excellent lunch the Singles teed off  – yes again, in the rain.  It continued that way all afternoon with a couple of short heavy showers. Play was in two ball matches which provided a much quicker movement for the players.

 As in the morning the match was close after nine holes. Two games 2up and one two down. Two games 1up and one 1down. Two games all square.

Three of the eight games went to the 18th . Brad (Challenge Team Captain for 2023) and Timmy both finished all square. Rory won 2up against the young 17 year old Harshiv Sharma.  One game to the 17th - Callum won 2&1 against the Middlesex Team Manager, Joe Smith. Three games to the 16th with Olly and Dominic both winning 3&2, and Michael losing 2&3.

                                                                                                Singles: 5 – 3                      Match Total 8 – 4

Middlesex were a great spirited team and we look forward to the return match. Thorpe Hall were excellent hosts and we look forward to hosting our home match there against Bedford later in the season.


Essex Challenge(Colts) v Romford

Saturday 25th March
Romford GC

This fixture has become an annual event, always greatly enjoyed. Romford Golf Club sourcing out their 2023 Thornton Cup team and the Essex ex-Colts now Challenge team reviewing their several new players.

Team: Olly Allison, Theo Baker & Cai James (Colchester). Michael Gilbert & Freddy Warn (Chelmsford). Harry Wood. Cassidy Steffens & Callum Newton (Orsett). Dominic Piccolo & Rory Bennet (Thorndon Park). Timmy Moncur (West Essex). Regrettably the 12th player had to withdraw at the last moment due to a health issue.

Morning Foursomes left Callum having to play his two opponents on his own – losing 2&1 – not bad. Romford had strong pairings and excellent putters. Nearly 50% of their team were under 18’s – promises a great future. Only one Essex pair won their match, Timmy & Cass 4&3. The other four matches were by no means walkovers, with Olly & Rory going to the 17th, Dominic & Harry to the 16th, Michael & Freddy and Theo & Cai to the 15th.                                                  Foursomes: 1 -5

Afternoon Singles – Challenge Team all to play for. And they did. As Romford were making some replacements to their team there was only eleven matches. The singles were tightly contested. After nine holes each team was up in five, down in five all square in one.

Dominic lead the way playing in a two-ball against Ben Scanes whom he had played in the morning. Ben led from the start and finished 4&2. The rest of the games were played in fourballs, with Essex winning six matches and halving two.    Six wins: Cai 6&5, Rory 5&3, Freddy and Theo 4&3, Harry 2&1 and Cass 1up. Two halved matches – Timmy and Michael.                        

Singles: 7 – 4

Match Total 8 – 9

A cold blustering day with only two short downpours.

A match played in excellent spirit. Many thanks to Romford Golf Club for hosting the day, and to Romford members for giving up their Saturday tee times. Both Team Managers wish the opposition the very best in their different leagues.

Essex Challenge Team v Chelmsford

Sunday 12th March
Chelmsford Golf Club

First match of the season in the newly formed SE England Challenge League which, for Essex, is replacing the previous Colts League.
Team: Olly Allison, Theo & Ollie Baker, Rory Bennet, Jack Boyd, Joe Green, Ed Mason, Callum Newton, Dominic Piccolo, Cassidy Steffens.
This early friendly match was fixed so that Essex could assess their new players and Chelmsford could do likewise for their Thornton Cup Team. Essex played several new players and borrowed two from the under 18 squad.
Due to the recent weather the course was extremely wet and closed to all buggies and trolleys. Carry for 36 holes – quite a test for all.
Chelmsford started well in the morning foursomes – up in four of the matches after nine holes. Their first pair of Michael Gilbert & Freddie Warn beat Olly & Cass 5&4. Joe & Callum 1 up after nine, maintained their lead and finished 3&1. Dominic & Jack from being 2 down after nine went on to finish all square. The last two matches went to the 17th and 18th respectively. Ed & Ollie losing 2&1 and Theo & Rory 1 down.

Foursomes 1½ / 3½

 Scores in the afternoon singles were more varied. Chelmsford in the lead again after nine – Essex only up in three matches and all square in one. Ed & Ollie (our borrowed under 18’s) both had excellent wins – Ollie 8&7 and Ed 7&5. Dominic maintained his early start and finished 4&3. Essex’s wins finished there! Olly lost on the 18th 2 down and Cass, Callum and Rory on the 16th.

Singles 3 – 7

Match Total 4½ / 10½

 An excellent day of golf played in such good spirit.
Thank you to Chelmsford Golf Club and Good Luck in the 2023 Thornton Cup
Dave Edwards – Challenge Team Manager.

Colt's Team 2022

Colts league match away to Hampshire on 12th June at Barton-on-Sea Golf Club

A very demanding 27hole course on the wind swept South coast with the Isle of White and Needles in view from the club house.

Essex versus Hampshire in the past has always been a South East England final. With the change in format this year all of the SE Counties being in one league Essex drew this match as an away game and were expecting somewhat of a challenge.

No disappointment – practice round on the Saturday introduced us to this extremely challenging course and the strong wind factor. Strong to us but club members (as always) simply referred to it as a mild breeze.

Team: - Captain Shay McQueen & Jake Hinton (Brentwood), Cassidy Steffens, Callum Newton & Bradley Coombes (Orsett), Billy Gunyon (Thorpe Hall), Oliver Allison (Colchester), Harry Butler (Chigwell). Several new faces to the squad – five clubs represented.

Morning Foursomes:  Shay and Cass -off to a good start, three up after nine and an early win of 7 and 5.  Brad and Olly had a much tighter game against the Hampshire Captain/Manger Lawrence Cherry and Drew MacKinnon. Seldom more than one up or one down the Hampshire pair eventually won 1up on the 18th. Billy and Jake took their game to the 15th. One of their oppositions was a Barton-on-Sea member, they lost 4&3.

With one win and two losses the final foursome result was with Harry and Callum. Another tight game - one up after the 17th - The 18th to decide the morning total. An island green, Callum’s drive found water on the left, Hampshire player safely on the green. Essex penalty drop for two and then an outstanding 20 yard chip from Harry – holed! Shot of the Day!
A par for Hampshire and a 1up win for Essex.   Morning Foursomes 2 -2.

Afternoon Singles:  Not so many tight individual games but for the first time the match was extremely close.  First win went to player Cassidy 5&3. Shay went to the 18th where his opponent whom he had beaten 7&5 in the morning foursomes clinched a revenge victory of 1up. Harry, playing No3, retained an early lead from the first and went on to win 4&3. Bradley Coombes won his game against Danny Coombes on the 18th – 1up. “No relation, but I do have an Uncle Danny” said Brad.  Match standing at 3 – 1.

Then came an excellent win of 7&6 Olly – never down from the word go, followed by two Hampshire wins, Jake losing 3&2 and Callum 5&4. Match so tight 4 – 3.  Billy the only player still to finish. Not one of the longest hitters but steady. Never down and two up and two to play a halved point would give Essex a narrow win. They halved the 17th to give Billy a 2 -1 win and Essex the  Singles 5 -3.                                Total Match 7 – 5.

Congratulations to all players from both teams, to the green’s  staff for the fantastic course and to  Barton-on-Sea Golf Club for being such excellent hosts.

For the Match Results Click Here!

Dave Edwards



Esse GU Colts vs Bedfordshire GU Colts   Sunday 23rd  May

Following  e xtreme weather at the  original venue of Cainhoe Wood  the teams agreed it best to swap venues for this league m atch and play w as moved to Orsett GC. Despite the format now being only 8 singles the   players t e ed off in 4’s.

Players wer e greeted by  a gusty, strong south westerly wind to focus their minds. Despite being the Colts Captain for 2 years, Shay McQueen struck his first competitive shot as Captain leading the team alongside Chelm sford teammate, Ben Humphrey. Shay was off to a quick start with a few birdies leaving him 4 up through 6, Ben was steady and was matched in the early holes walking  through 6 in all square. Match 2 was Five Lakes Jackson Garnett alongside Chigwell’s Harry Butler. Both players battled the strong winds, des pite a massive putt on the second Harry was only 1 up early on whereas Jackson stretched his legs and was 3 up through 6 holes. Match 3 saw 2 home players with Callum Newton guiding debutant Joe Green who split the first fairway with his tee shot. The final group saw Zach Chegwidden play al ongside Walker Cup star, Jack Dyer.

The strong winds caused a few ball searches in the early holes, once all players had got into their stride the Essex team really stretched their legs, Shay finished his match on the 13th with a comprehensive 7 & 5 win, Ben’s consistent play paid dividends as he ran out a 5 & 4 victor.

Jackson continued his excellent play and was never troubled as he also wrapped his match up on hole 14 with a 5 & 4 victory. Harry was pushed a little harder and knuckled down to some excellent play, making sure the following team members walked up the steep hill on hole 16 only to wrap things up there with a 3 & 2 win.

Following their slow start Zach & Jack really showed their class as they ripped through holes 7 to 12 both walking to the 13th tee, 6 up, closing their matches out 6 & 5.

Following a serious health scare earlier in the year Callum showed no sign of this slowing him up as he powered his was to a 5 & 4 victory, Joe wished to stretch things a little further, an excellent up & down saw him establish a 1 hole lead on hole 16. Followed by all players from both teams he finished with 2 excellent pars to star t his County career with a 2 up victory.

Both teams were extremely complementary about the course conditions which provided a stern test, the Colts now have a break with the  return match against Bedfordshire on 1st August. 

Results Sheet


South Eastern Group North – County League Match
Enfield Golf Club – Sunday 11th August 2019

Colt’s last league match of the season. That wild and windy weekend when many events were cancelled. 

Essex team: Captain -  Lukas Warren (Thorndon Park), Kish Velani (Wanstead), Oscar Yeomans, Ben Humphrey, Shay McQueen, Jack Brown & Michael Gilbert (Chelmsford), Joe Tatam (Brentwood). 

Middlesex, regrettably, had one player phone in sick that morning and were unable to find a replacement at such short notice.

Morning foursomes:  Eamon, a Middlesex management team member, filled in in order to give all Essex players a morning game. Therefore Oscar & Joe had a good game and a walkover point.

First of the other three matches to finish - Ben & Michael with an excellent 7&5 win. That was closely followed by another good result from Lukas & Kish 5&4. 

The first pair out, Shay & Jack, still on the course.  Three up with four to play. Lost the 15th, halved the 16th, lost the 17th. Dormy one up. Hole 18 halved in par 4’s. Essex 1 up.  A very close match.

Foursomes: 4 - 0  

Afternoon Singles:  Captain Lukas elected to be the Essex player who did not get a game

As happens so often a strong morning foursomes win is followed by a strongly contested afternoon singles. This was certainly the case. After ten holes Essex were up in only one (Michael), all square in two and down in four.

Michael went on to win 7&6, an excellent day for him. Jack won 4&3 and Kish 3&2. Of the remaining four games three went to the 18th.   Shay & Ben, both having been down, fought back to win 2 up and 1 up respectively. Indeed a tightly contested afternoon.  

Singles: 6 – 2                Total Match score:  Essex 10 - Middlesex 2

A match played, as always by these young golfers, in excellent spirit. Thanks to Enfield  Golf Club and all staff and members for being such excellent hosts.

The final was now in the hands of Hertfordshire. They had a good win over Bedfordshire on 8th September, but not quite good enough to stop Essex from winning the South England League. The final will be played at Weybrook Park Golf Club, Basingstoke, on 13th October against Hampshire. Good Luck Essex.

Dave Edwards
Colts Manager

Colts photo shows 7 team members – minus Captain Lukas

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Essex enters six Colts into this annual East Berkshire Golf Club Competition, a 36 hole individual stroke play event for the Stag Trophy and teams of three for the Team Trophy. 

From the Club History – “It was in 1903 that the Masters of nearby Wellington College first talked about golf, or at least a golf course, and being men of action as well as enthusiasm, they formed a company and bought sufficient land. From its origins as a heathland course designed by Peter Paxton, East Berkshire has matured into a tree-lined course of great beauty. Shaped fairways leading into well-defined semi-rough helps to identify the driving areas and carefully placed greenside hazards ensure that wayward shots go unrewarded.”

The six Essex players were Lukas Warren, Brandon Meads, Ben Humphrey, Shay McQueen, Michael Gilbert and Oscar Yeomans. A total entry of 64 players took part from Clubs far and wide with a maximum handicap of six. 

After the morning round the leader in the Clubhouse was two under. Several of the Essex players were quite close behind with Ben on level and Brandon on one over. All still to play for.

Scoring proved more difficult for most in the afternoon – except for Shay who had one under and  Brandon who had a level par round.

Eventual winner - Aaron Crabb from Windwhistle Golf Club (Chard, Somerset) three under.    Brandon & Ben finished in tied 3rdplace plus1 with Brandon 3rdon a count back and Ben 4th.

The team event was contested by seven teams from five counties. Always difficult to select two teams of three from the six players but this year we got it right. Shay at plus3 joined Brandon and Ben to win the Team Trophy – total 419.

Thanks to all the staff and members at East Berkshire for making us so welcome. We look forward to returning next year

Dave Edwards
Colts Manager

South Eastern Group North – County League Match
Theydon Bois Golf Club – Sunday 16thJune 2019 

The second league match of the 2019 Season was played (again in rain!) on the beautifully presented Theydon Bois course.

Essex team:- Capt Lukas Warren (Thorndon Park), Brandon Meads, Shay McQueen, Jack Brown, Ben Humphrey, Michael Gilbert (Chelmsford), Zach Chegwidden & Harry Robson (Orsett)

The morning foursomes were tightly contested, Hertfordshire proving to have a very strong team. After seven holes only Shay and Jack were up, and they went on to win their match 2up. Two of the other pairs had good comebacks, Ben and Michael went all the way to the 18thhole and won 1up and Lukas and Brandon took their match to the 17thwhere they lost 2&1.

Lunchtime Foursomes result: 2 - 2   

The rain actually held off for the afternoon singles. Most of the matches were close with five of the eight going to the 18th. In the other three Jack had a good win of 5&4 and Ben another of 3&2.  Of those going the full distance Shay finished all square and Zach clinched his match on the 18th1 up. Harry and Michael both lost on the 18th in very good contests. Which left Lukas in the last match going down to the last hole and the last putt to gain the half that we needed to halve the overall  match.   

Singles: 4 – 4.      Match total 6 – 6.

Essex top players on this occasion - Ben and Jack, who each won both their morning and afternoon matches. 

A great rapport as always between the two teams. Terry Trude and his players have become good friends over the years. Essex have only one league match to play – against Middlesex in August. For Hertfordshire this was their first league match. All to be played for by both teams.

Our thanks to John Reeder, Theydon Bois Manager and to all the staff and members who made us so welcome.

Dave Edwards
Colts Manager

Essex Colts 2019 
Friendly match v Chelmsford

Essex Colts played the first of their 2019 Friendly matches on Sunday 31stMarch against Chelmsford.   A bright, sunny day, but extremely cold.

This annual fixture is arranged for the Colts (ages 18 – 25 on the first of January) to play the previous year’s Thornton Cup winners. Having twelve in each team gives Team Managers good opportunity to assess players and pairings for the forthcoming season.

The twelve Colt team members came from eight different clubs - excluding those from Chelmsford who played in the home team. They were: Lukas Warren, Colts Captain (Thorndon Park) Patrick Arundel (Boyce Hill). Josh Cardy, & Sam Kinnane(The Warren),Callum Hensby(Stoke by Nayland). Josh Tobin, Harry Robson, Cassidy Steffens & Callum Newton (Orsett).Callum Pipe (Braintree). Harrison Linney (West Essex).George Leversuch (Wanstead). Six of these players were playing for the Colts for the first time. Most of them previous members of the County under 18’s team.

The Morning Foursomes went very much the Colts way. Five wins. Josh Cardy & Callum Hensby 6&4.  Lukas Warren & Patrick Arundel 4&3. Callum Pipe & Harry Robson 4&2. Josh Tobin & Harrison Linney and Cassidy Steffens & Sam Kinnane both 2&1. The pairing of an established Colt with a newcomer proved successful.  Foursomes 5 -1

The Afternoon Singles were tightly contested. Captain Lukas Warren won his match 3&2. Chelmsford then had strong wins in games 2,3 and 4 -  Harvey Sullivan, Brandon Meads and Ben Humphrey. Two all square matches from Josh Tobin v Curtis Knipes and Harry Robson v Jack Brown. Colt wins – George Leversuch 5&4. Callum Pipe, Callum Newton & Cassidy Steffens all 5&3. Harrison Linney 4&3.  Chelmsford win for Lewis Wright.  Singles: 7 – 5.      Total 12 – 6.

With many of the Chelmsford team being Essex Colts this bodes well for the 2019 Season giving us a large number to select a team from.

Many thanks to Chelmsford Golf Club for hosting this match, especially as it was Mothering Sunday. The match was played in excellent spirit, and twenty-four Mums should be proud of their sons!

Dave Edwards
Colts Manager

Congratulations to the Colts Team for Winning the 2018 SE Group

South Eastern Group Final
Dartford Golf Club - 14th October 2018

Kent was the host county for this year’s final, so with Kent being the South league finalist, with at least one of their team being a Dartford member, Essex knew the match was going to be a tight one.

Nevertheless the Essex team were well prepared.  Captain Will Percival  & Cassidy Steffens (Orsett).  Brandon Meads, Shay McQueen, Ben Humphrey, Oscar Yeomans  & reserve Jack Brown (Chelmsford). Lukas Warren (Thorndon Park) and Jordan Slater (Colchester).

The weather forecast for the day was of concern. Definite rain, some heavy, possibly thunder storms.

Fortunately the morning foursomes were played under overcast skies, with showers for only the last few holes. Will & Oscar went out first winning on the 16th 3&2. Kent then had a 2&1 win on the 17th followed by an extremely strong win of 6&5 on the 13th, the Kent pair six under par with five holes to play. The last match was down to Brandon & Ben – they won 2up. Morning Foursomes 2 – 2.

The rain had set in by the time the afternoon singles started. Fortunately no thunder storms. After six holes Essex were up in three, all square in four and down in one. Brandon was playing at number one and went on to an excellent win of 6&5 against one of Kent’s players who had won by that score in the morning foursomes. Games were close. Oscar losing 4&3 and Jordan finishing all square. At this point the match was level.  On the 17th Will won 2&1 and Lukas lost 2&1.  Match to date still all square. Then Ben won 4&3 – Essex in the lead. Cassidy lost on the 18th.  Shay bought in the final win of 2&1.  A tightly contested match as expected.   Afternoon Singles 4½ - 3½.

Overall Score Essex 6½  Kent 5½   Wins do not come any closer than that.

Good to have so many supporters. Unfortunately one of them – Shay’s Granddad Mick, riding on a single buggy, took a fall which resulted in him being taken to hospital in Bexleyheath. Leg broken in two places - we wish him a speedy recovery.

Will, in his trophy acceptance speech, stated what an excellent match it had been, played in such a great spirit. Thank you Kent.  Thanks to Dartford Club for making everyone so welcome, to their member for giving up their Sunday tee times, to the Green staff for providing a testing course.

Thank you to the thunder storms for staying away

Dave Edwards, Colts Manager.

South Eastern Group North – County League Match
Thorpe Hall Golf Club – Sunday 12th August 2018


Essex Colts played their last 2018 league match on Sunday 12th August at Thorpe Hall Golf Club. After the long stretch of hot weather the forecast was for rain so everyone came prepared. Fortunately for all, players and spectators, the rain stayed away. 

The course was, as always, in excellent condition – the greenest of many visited in the last few weeks.

This was the return home match against Middlesex, both teams playing only three or four players from the away match last month. Essex have the easier task of fielding a team as Middlesex have so many fewer clubs to call upon.  37 to Essex’s 78.

In total 19 Essex players played in the four league matches, coming from ten different clubs. Only Colts Captain, Will Percival, was at all matches, although for this game he stood down as  Non-playing Captain.  The team was Shay McQueen, Jack Brown, Ben Humphrey & Oscar Yeoman (Chelmsford), Cassidy Steffens (Orsett) George Leversuch (Wanstead) Josh Cardy (The Warren) and Bobby Parmar (Abridge).

The morning Foursomes were tightly contested. After six holes Essex were just 1up in the first three games and all square in the fourth.  Winning their next three holes Shay & Jack had pulled ahead to 4up after nine and went on to win 6&5.   The other three games went to either the 16th or the 17th. Josh & Cassidy won 3&2, George & Bobby 3&1 and Ben & Oscar 2&1. The morning score of 4-0 to Essex belies the closeness of the match.

Afternoon Singles, and the rain still held off. Four good wins for Essex – Ben 7&6, Shay 5&3, George and Bobby both 4&3. The four other games all went to the 18th hole, two being won by Middlesex, two by Essex.  Singles 6-2. Overall score 10-2.

Having won all four league matches Essex will now be playing in the SE Final on 14th October.

Thanks were expressed by both teams to Thorpe Hall Golf Club and their members for allowing SE Colts to use their course and for their excellent hospitality.  Essex Captain thanked the Middlesex team for driving over on the Saturday in order to be there for an early start on Sunday and looked forward to meeting up again next year.

Dave Edwards, Colts Manager

South Eastern Group North – County League Match
Wanstead Golf Club – Sunday 22nd July 2018

The home match of this League Fixture took place on an extremely hot day at Wanstead Golf Club. A late withdrawal by one team member left the squad one short. Luckily Kishen Velani of Wanstead came in as a last minute replacement and a good replacement he proved to be.

The eight man team was:  Will Percival (Capt) & Zach Chegwidden (Orsett), Jack Dyer (Rochford 100), Lukas Warren & George Gennings (Thorndon Park), Josh Read (Three Rivers), George Leversuch & Kishen Velani (Wanstead).

The morning foursomes started well for Essex with a 6&5 win for George Leversuch & Kishen followed quickly by a 4&3 win for Jack & George Gennings.  The other two tightly contested matches both went to the 17th.  Herts won the first of the two 2up.. Lukas and Josh were 1up coming to the 17th then Lourie of Herts had an incredible eagle putt to win that hole. Game all square. On the 18th a wayward drive from Essex looked as if the hole was lost. A second shot to the green and then a stubbed chip from Herts looked as if a half might be possible. Then a superb birdie putt from Lourie which unfortunately Essex could not match, gave Herts a 2up win.  Morning Foursomes 2 – 2.

Afternoon Singles proved to be somewhat of a nail biter. On the 6th tee Essex were only up in two matches. Not much better on the 10th tee. Only one match well up, Jack, who went on to a 5&4 win. Herts had good wins on games 4, 5 & 6. Of the remaining four matches both Will & Zach won 3&1 on the 17th. Will was playing against John Hopkins whom he had played in the away match. No ‘Holes in One’ this time for Will but a good time to reverse the previous result. Kishen then won 2&1 on the 17th and George Leversuch finished all square.  Afternoon Singles 4½ - 3½ .

An extremely tight overall win of 6½ - 5½ for Essex. They don’t come any tighter than that!

Our thanks to Wanstead Golf Club for hosting this event and making everyone feel so welcome.

Dave Edwards, Colts Manager.

East Berkshire Stag

Wednesday 20th  June 2018

The East Berkshire Stag was introduced in 1976. An annual 36-hole individual competition open to amateur golfers with a handicap of five and under. The first winner of the event was none other than Sandy Lyle with a two round total of 141.

Six players from Essex played in this year’s annual event at East Berkshire Golf Club. Will Percival (Orsett), Brandon Meads, Shay McQueen and Ben Humphrey  (Chelmsford), ,Lukas Warren (Thorndon Park) and Josh Cardy (The Warren).

With a field of 68 players there were many low handicappers. The leading score for Essex in the morning was Brandon Meads +1 followed by Ben Humphrey +2. Overall leading score in the Clubhouse was -1.

The afternoon score proved what a challenging course this is.  The winner was Tim Shin of Castle Royal 140.  Best placed for Essex was Ben 11th, with Shay & Lukas 13th.

With six players taking part Essex had two teams in the team event, eventually coming 2nd and 3rd, with 1st place going to host county BB&O.

Congratulations to all the Essex players who were, as always, a credit to our County.

Dave Edwards, Colts Manager

SE League Match.  Essex v Herts

 Score sheet

The first League Match of 2018 was away to Hertfordshire, played at The Shire, a golf course new to most of the team, which has the unusual format of six par 5’s, six par 4’s and six par 3’s. The practice round the day before proved most essential.

The forecast was for a fine, sunny day, but this is Britain and in fact it turned out to be cold, cloudy and windy. A good test for both teams lay ahead.

The Team was as follows:- Will Percival (Captain) and Cassidy Steffens (Orsett), Jack Brown, Shay McQueen & Ben Humphrey (Chelmsford), Jordan Slater (Colchester), Lukas Warren (Thorndon Park) , & Callum Pipe (Braintree).

The morning foursomes were closely contested with Will and Shay winning on the 18th and the other three matches all finishing with wins on the 17th.  Jordan & Callum, Jack & Ben 3&1, Lukas & Cassidy 2&1.

A four-nil lead at lunch time was a good place to be for Essex, but Herts pulled out all the stops for the afternoon singles. First player out, Will Percival was playing Herts’ Jon Hopkins. Jon hit an excellent tee shot on the par three 7th.  A definite birdie and a good chance to win another hole, but then Will had a Hole in One. That is matchplay golf for you. Congratulations Will!! Unfortunately, Jon then went on to continue his fine form to win that match for Herts 5&3.

An early Essex win of 7&5 for Ben was followed by wins for Callum 4&3, Shay 3&2 and Jordan 2&1. The remaining three singles matches were wins for Herts with only Cassidy’s game going to the 18th.  The Singles were halved 4-4. 

Overall score Essex 8 Herts 4, a good start to the 2018 campaign.

Many thanks to Hertfordshire County and The Shire Golf Club for making Essex so welcome.