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World Handicap System 

2024 WHS Update Workshop - Langdon Hills

Course Rating - Par Video 

Expected Score Video

Fourball Betterball (4BBB) Scoring 

By Clicking the image below you will be directed to the WHS Presentation shown at the 2023 Workshops.

By Clicking the image below you will be directed to the WHS Presentation shown at the 2020 Workshops.
The Videos that are missing from the Presentation are below. 


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World Handicap System - Inclusivity

World Handicap System - Player Journey

World Handicap System - Handicap Formula

World Handicap System - Course & Slope Rating


What Happens to my Handicap Index When I Fail to Submit my Score? (NR)
Understanding No Returns and 0.1 Increases

What happens to my handicap index when I fail to submit my score (NR)?

If the scorecard is not discoverable: 

A ‘penalty’ score may be posted to your scoring record.
Depending on where you live in GB&I, the penalty score may be posted automatically (which can then be overridden by your Handicap Committee, if appropriate) or it may be posted manually.   

If the scorecard is discoverable: 

Your Handicap Index no longer simply increases by 0.1; the available hole scores are still taken into account – even if the scorecard is not complete
On holes that have been started but not completed – the hole score is recorded as a Net Double Bogey
On holes that have not been started for a valid reason – a hole score of Net Par is recorded
A Score Differential will be calculated on this basis and added to your scoring record and considered within all future Handicap Index calculations

Whenever a player fails to submit a score from an authorised format of play, the Handicap Committee should investigate the reason why, and take appropriate action.

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