Essex County Coaching 2020
These dates will be available Spring 2020

Essex County Coaching 2019

U16 TS1
Saturday 16th March
Saturday 20th April
Sunday 21st April
Saturday 22nd June
Sunday 23rd June
Sunday 30th June
Sunday 14th July
Saturday 20th July
Saturday 7th September
Sunday 8th September

U14 TS1
Sunday 24th March
Sunday 5th May
Sunday 16th June
Sunday 21st July
Sunday 15th September

Saturday 23rd March
Saturday 4th May
Saturday 8th June
Saturday 13th July

​​ What do we do for our young golfers?

Develop participation and performance across  the complete age group range with a specific  focus on

  • Providing appropriate competitive opportunities
  • Developing golfing skills through to a national  level of performance
  • Growing understanding and respect for the game
  • Facilitating a sense of individual and shared  achievement from representing successful Essex  teams

Our County Coaching programme is designed to reflect the phases of a child's socialisation into the sport of golf. Each phase has distinct coaching and participation goals, as outlined below.

U12 – Participation
Engagement in a fun and exciting activity

  • Enjoy an appropriate mix of competition and coaching
  • Become engaged by golf, but as part of a wider  sports experience
  • Learn basic golfing skills, how to set goals and  measure progress
  • Begin the transition to the more performance  focused U13 to U16 groups

U12 – U16 – Development
Learning the skills to achieve success

  • Prepare tactically and intelligently
  • Possess exceptional short game skills
  • Learn how to manage emotions
  • Experience increased autonomy and responsibilityover own development
  • Be supported in the transition from specialising to  high quality investment

U18 – Performance
Delivering a performance when it counts

  • Commit to attaining an elite level of performance in  golf
  • Be motivated by achieving excellence
  • Understand how to manage a high intensity of  training and competition
  • Be able to deal with setbacks, fatigue, injury and  time pressures
  • Have in place a strong personal support network of  coaches, S & C, and of course parents!

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If you are interested in supporting Essex golf and would like to discuss how a partnership can benefit both parties please contact County Secretary Nick McEvoy on 01376 500998 or .