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Tuesday 29th July 2014, White Tees, Thorndon Park

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 71R2 CSS 71TotalPar
1st Elliot Fullalove Braintree Golf Club (0)7069139-3
2nd Taylor Carter The Rayleigh Club (0)6871139-3
3rd Louis Lazarus Romford Golf Club (-1)6972141-1
4th Jack Dyer Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club (1)7271143+1
5th Harry Robins Thorndon Park Golf Club (5)7172143+1
6th Brandon Meads Brentwood Golf Club (2)7172143+1
7th Ryan Cox Upminster Golf Club (0)7272144+2
8th Bradley Bawden Rochford Hundred Golf Club (0)7273145+3
9th Todd Clements Braintree Golf Club (0)7075145+3
10th William Turner Thorpe Hall Golf Club (2)7770147+5
11th Harrison Mosley Epping Golf Club (3)7374147+5
12th Joshua Hickling Rochford Hundred Golf Club (1)7573148+6
13th Bailee Curran Orsett Golf Club (0)7772149+7
14th Michael Gilbert Chelmsford Golf Club (4)7376149+7
15th George Whitbread Colchester Golf Club (1)7575150+8
16th George Tunbridge Burstead (The) Golf Club (4)7278150+8
17th Lukas Warren Thorndon Park Golf Club (4)7774151+9
18th Dominic Piccolo Thorndon Park Golf Club (3)7675151+9
19th Christopher Grant Thorpe Hall Golf Club (2)7675151+9
20th Oliver Boxall Abridge Golf & Country Club (4)7576151+9
21st Sam O`Brien Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club (2)7874152+10
22nd Arron Edwards-Hill Chelmsford Golf Club (5)7478152+10
23rd William Noblett Theydon Bois Golf Club (3)7578153+11
24th Thomas Miller Colchester Golf Club (4)8074154+12
25th Zachary Chegwidden Orsett Golf Club (3)7975154+12
26th Toby Gibbons Thorpe Hall Golf Club (4)7976155+13
27th Ashdon Brown Three Rivers Golf Club (6)7976155+13
28th Ryan Tattan Chelmsford Golf Club (6)7679155+13
29th Dylan Mahmut Thorndon Park Golf Club (3)7679155+13
30th William Percival Orsett Golf Club (4)7580155+13
31st George Gennings Thorndon Park Golf Club (5)7978157+15
32nd Oliver Steward Warren Golf Club (Essex) (6)7582157+15
33rd Cai James Colchester (6)8177158+16
34th Alex English Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club (6)8078158+16
35th Oliver Fisher Burstead (The) Golf Club (6)7979158+16
36th Thomas Hatton Stoke by Nayland Golf Club (5)8574159+17
37th Glen Mann Rochford Hundred Golf Club (3)7881159+17
38th Oscar Yeomans Chelmsford Golf Club (4)8179160+18
39th Joshua Read Three Rivers Golf Club (6)8577162+20
40th Liam Francis Woodford Golf Club (7)8379162+20
41st Benjamin Rendell Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club (4)7983162+20
42nd George Meaney Thorndon Park Golf Club (5)7884162+20
43rd James Lanigan Maylands Golf & Country Club (3)8281163+21
44th Cassidy Steffens Orsett Golf Club (6)7885163+21
45th Connor Morris Rochford Hundred Golf Club (1)8282164+22
46th Jack Staines Maylands Golf & Country Club (5)8282164+22
47th Joe Defries Warley Park Golf Club (10)8282164+22
48th George Leversuch Wanstead Golf Club (4)8084164+22
49th Bobby Parmar Abridge Golf & Country Club (3)8679165+23
50th Jack Charlton Hadley Wood (6)8185166+24
51st Joshua Charles Thorndon Park Golf Club (7)8681167+25
52nd Shyam Solanki Orsett Golf Club (9)8582167+25
53rd Simon Cuthbert Thorndon Park Golf Club (9)8186167+25
54th Charlie Dibble Wanstead Golf Club (6)8979168+26
55th Josh Mills Abridge Golf & Country Club (5)8583168+26
56th Jack Brown Chelmsford Golf Club (6)8485169+27
57th James Watts Wanstead Golf Club (6)8684170+28
58th Jacob Dobbyn Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club (8)8684170+28
59th Cameron Dines Thorndon Park Golf Club (9)8982171+29
60th Patrick Arundel Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club (12)8784171+29
61st Max Maynard Colchester Golf Club (9)8388171+29
62nd Joe Stevens Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club (3)8687173+31
63rd Sam Ainsbury Burstead (The) Golf Club (12)8588173+31
64th Joshua Coleman Colchester Golf Club (8)8985174+32
65th Paul Brown Castle Point Golf Club (7)9085175+33
66th Joe Green Orsett Golf Club (9)8591176+34
67th Nathaniel Gleed Wanstead Golf Club (7)8988177+35
68th Sean Curley Wanstead (12)9091181+39
69th Ben Franklin Rochford Hundred Golf Club (8)9093183+41
70th Max Smith Clacton-on-Sea Golf Club (9)83102185+43
71st Robert Rangel Chigwell Golf Club (5)NR89  
72nd Elliott Oxlade Chelmsford Golf Club (1)79WD  

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