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Thursday 22nd June 2017 - Friday 23rd June 2017
White Tees, Chelmsford

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 70R2 CSS 70TotalPar
1st Steven Rooney Orsett Golf Club (1)7175146+10
2nd Graham Bennet Chelmsford Golf Club (3)7771148+12
3rd Mark Hyam Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club (6)7574149+13
4th Ian Waller Thorndon Park Golf Club (5)7773150+14
5th Ron Wilkes Orsett Golf Club (6)7476150+14
6th Mark Whiten Orsett Golf Club (1)7278150+14
7th Alan Connell Chelmsford Golf Club (5)7378151+15
8th Geoff King West Essex Golf Club (3)8072152+16
9th Michael Stewart Copping Upminster Golf Club (5)7577152+16
10th Mark Lazarus Romford Golf Club (4)7974153+17
11th Ian Grant Orsett Golf Club (2)7677153+17
12th Fred Selfe Belhus Park Golf Club (7)7480154+18
13th Martin Lewis Thorndon Park Golf Club (5)7877155+19
14th John Everton Chelmsford Golf Club (6)7778155+19
15th John Whitlock Thorndon Park Golf Club (6)8175156+20
16th Ian Morrison Chelmsford Golf Club (5)7977156+20
17th Andy Dougherty Crondon Park Golf & Country Club (7)7977156+20
18th David Curtis Chelmsford Golf Club (7)7878156+20
19th Freddie Holmes Hainault Forest Golf Club (2)7581156+20
20th David Turner Gosfield Lake Golf Club (6)8176157+21
21st Nigel Tawse Upminster Golf Club (5)7780157+21
22nd Laurie Baker Chelmsford Golf Club (6)8078158+22
23rd Alan Golbourn Chelmsford Golf Club (6)7979158+22
24th Christopher Rate Orsett Golf Club (5)7781158+22
25th Albert Wright Basildon (3)8277159+23
26th Peter Millett Thorndon Park Golf Club (6)7881159+23
27th Tiki Hadjioannou Romford Golf Club (5)7881159+23
28th k j saunders Romford Golf Club (5)7782159+23
29th David Turner Orsett Golf Club (6)8278160+24
30th Richard Higgins Stock Brook Manor Golf Club (10)8179160+24
31st Paul Gilbert Chelmsford Golf Club (5)8080160+24
32nd Paul King Thorpe Hall Golf Club (5)8080160+24
33rd Keith Dicker Chelmsford Golf Club (5)7684160+24
34th John D Wisbey Hainault Forest Golf Club (8)8279161+25
35th Bill Wreathall Chelmsford Golf Club (6)8279161+25
36th Keith Newnham Colchester (5)8180161+25
37th Tony Ruder Royal Epping Forest Golf Club (8)8180161+25
38th Roland Hughes Forrester Park Golf Club (10)7982161+25
39th Kevin Saunders Thorndon Park Golf Club (2)7883161+25
40th alan woodward The Rayleigh Club (7)7883161+25
41st Jeff Hannam Langdon Hills Golf Club (5)8478162+26
42nd Murray Massie (8)8379162+26
43rd Mark Leckie Braintree Golf Club (8)7785162+26
44th John Waterson Colchester Golf Club (8)8677163+27
45th Bobby Platts Thorpe Hall Golf Club (4)8380163+27
46th Neil Packer Upminster Golf Club (7)7885163+27
47th Ian Crumpen Chelmsford Golf Club (9)8480164+28
48th Brendan Booth Colchester Golf Club (5)8282164+28
49th Edward Keeble The Rayleigh Club (12)8183164+28
50th Bob Turner Stock Brook Manor Golf Club (6)8084164+28
51st Trevor G Patmore Hainault Forest (3)8580165+29
52nd Alan Watts Chelmsford Golf Club (12)8382165+29
53rd J Williams Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club (9)8184165+29
54th Ray Weidner Braintree (6)8184165+29
55th Barry Graylin Orsett Golf Club (10)8581166+30
56th Mark Chapman Crondon Park Golf & Country Club (7)8483167+31
57th Barry Piddington Orsett Golf Club (10)8483167+31
58th Ken Richardson Thorndon Park Golf Club (9)8483167+31
59th Colin Reynolds Burnham-on-Crouch (10)7988167+31
60th Peter English Warren Golf Club (Essex) (7)8583168+32
61st Neil Godier Chelmsford Golf Club (7)8484168+32
62nd Gary Whitworth The Rayleigh Club (8)9277169+33
63rd William Malpass Orsett Golf Club (12)8485169+33
64th David Cope Hainault Forest Golf Club (8)8287169+33
65th John TAYLOR Chelmsford Golf Club (9)8486170+34
66th Maurice Atkin Three Rivers Golf Club (10)8387170+34
67th Graham Robson Warley Park Golf Club (9)8884172+36
68th Graham Tansley Toot Hill Golf Club (7)8785172+36
69th George Wickens Orsett Golf Club (7)8885173+37
70th Frank McGuinness Hainault Forest Golf Club (8)8687173+37
71st Malcolm Bateman Belhus Park Golf Club (9)8688174+38
72nd Dave Humberstone Colchester Golf Club (13)9285177+41
73rd Joseph Nixon Chelmsford Golf Club (6)9285177+41
74th Richard Holliwell Hainault Forest Golf Club (9)9189180+44
75th John Patmore Hainault Forest Golf Club (6)9388181+45
76th Simon Meddle Thorpe Hall Golf Club (11)9191182+46
77th Gerry Keane Thorndon Park Golf Club (10)8686+18

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