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Friday 28th May 2021, White Tees, Thorpe Hall

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Jackson Garnett Five Lakes Golf Club (-4)6670136-6
2nd Harley Smith The Rayleigh Club (-7)6870138-4
3rd Rory Bennet Thorndon Park Golf Club (-1)6772139-3
4th Harry Butler Chigwell Golf Club (-5)7070140-2
5th Carter Rowe Chelmsford Golf Club (-2)7071141-1
5th Benjamin Humphrey Chelmsford Golf Club (-2)6774141-1
7th Shay McQueen Brentwood Golf Club (-2)7370143+1
8th Harry Wood Orsett Golf Club (0)7371144+2
9th Bailee Curran Orsett Golf Club (-2)7273145+3
9th Luke King Thorpe Hall Golf Club (2)7174145+3
11th Charlie Croker Thorndon Park Golf Club (0)7571146+4
12th Gary Brown Benton Hall Golf & Country Club (2)7572147+5
12th Henry Styles Romford Golf Club (-1)7473147+5
14th Nathan Parrish Stock Brook Manor Golf Club (-1)7375148+6
14th Lewis Wright Chelmsford Golf Club (0)7276148+6
14th Ricky Lee Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club (-2)7276148+6
17th Timmy Moncur West Essex (1)7772149+7
17th Christopher Wenn Maylands Golf Club (-1)7574149+7
17th William Dunn Chelmsford Golf Club (-1)7475149+7
17th Cassidy Steffens Orsett Golf Club (-1)7277149+7
21st Max Briggs Orsett Golf Club (2)7773150+8
21st Teddy Papple Chelmsford Golf Club (1)7575150+8
21st Shaun Mills Orsett Golf Club (-1)7476150+8
21st Harry Moncur West Essex (1)7377150+8
25th Kishen Velani Wanstead (-2)7576151+9
25th Callum Newton Orsett Golf Club (-2)7576151+9
25th Harrison Linney West Essex (2)7378151+9
25th Michael Gilbert Chelmsford Golf Club (-1)7081151+9
29th Andrew Rose The Warren Golf & Country Club (Essex) Golf Club (0)7577152+10
29th Oliver Baker Colchester (2)7379152+10
31st George WILLIAMSON The Rayleigh Club (-3)7974153+11
31st Nick Hawkes Garon Park Golf Complex (2)7776153+11
33rd Beau Brunning Three Rivers Golf Club (-1)7777154+12
33rd Dawson Langan Orsett Golf Club (5)7777154+12
33rd Jamie Grace West Essex (5)7777154+12
33rd Edward Mason Colchester (6)7282154+12
37th Harry Flynn Epping (2)8273155+13
37th Jack Charlton Hadley Wood (2)7976155+13
37th David Abbott Thorpe Hall Golf Club (-2)7877155+13
40th Thomas Atkinson Chigwell Golf Club (2)8176157+15
40th Chris Pugh Benton Hall Golf & Country Club (2)7978157+15
40th Leigh Tupper Benton Hall Golf & Country Club (0)7780157+15
43rd Thomas Hatton Stoke by Nayland Golf Club (1)8177158+16
43rd Mason Barningham Colchester (4)7979158+16
43rd Adam Crawley Chelmsford Golf Club (0)7682158+16
46th Dylan Hussey Romford Golf Club (1)8475159+17
46th Joe Goldring Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club (6)7881159+17
46th Grant Allen Orsett Golf Club (4)7683159+17
49th helen maplesden Thorndon Park Golf Club (3)8476160+18
49th Christopher Robinson Benton Hall Golf & Country Club (0)8179160+18
49th James Webster West Essex (4)8179160+18
49th Oliver Bangs Risebridge (3)7783160+18
53rd Sam Mantom Thorpe Hall Golf Club (3)8576161+19
53rd Max Oats Epping (2)8477161+19
53rd Darrell Aziz The Rayleigh Club (3)8378161+19
56th Oliver Lane Thorpe Hall Golf Club (3)8181162+20
56th Bradley Newton Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club (3)8082162+20
56th Matthew Sandy Romford Golf Club (3)7983162+20
59th Henry Linley Romford Golf Club (5)8380163+21
59th Stephen Mckoy Benton Hall Golf & Country Club (3)8083163+21
59th Tom Juchnicki The Rayleigh Club (0)7885163+21
59th Billy Gunyon Thorpe Hall Golf Club (2)7786163+21
63rd Dominic Hoskin Benton Hall Golf & Country Club (2)7985164+22
63rd Robbie TOPLEY The Rayleigh Club (0)7985164+22
65th Max Porteous Thorndon Park Golf Club (1)8581166+24
65th Neil Eighteen Garon Park Golf Complex (2)8482166+24
65th JACK CARTER Upminster Golf Club (5)8284166+24
68th Danny Briggs Orsett Golf Club (5)8879167+25
69th Matthew Crawley Stock Brook Manor Golf Club (4)8287169+27
70th Paul Springall Benton Hall Golf & Country Club (4)8882170+28
71st Samuel Kinnane The Warren Golf & Country Club (Essex) Golf Club (4)8784171+29
71st JAKE HINTON Brentwood Golf Club (-2)8685171+29
71st Tom English Playgolf Colchester Golf Club (3)8685171+29
71st Taylor Eary Garon Park Golf Complex (3)8091171+29
75th Edward Linley Romford Golf Club (5)9290182+40
76th Jamie Benton Orsett Golf Club (1)76NR  
77th Joe Green Orsett Golf Club (-1)72NR  

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