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The Keating Trophy Qualifier

Tuesday 13th July 2021, White Tees, Orsett

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Gross LeaderboardR1R2TotalPar
1st Jay Beisser The Rayleigh Club 6774141-3
2nd Ben TOBIN Basildon 7369142-2
3rd Shaun Mills Orsett Golf Club 7470144LEVEL
4th Benjamin Humphrey Chelmsford Golf Club 7173144LEVEL
5th Michael Gilbert Chelmsford Golf Club 7471145+1
6th Bailee Curran Romford Golf Club 7471145+1
7th William Horne Orsett Golf Club 7273145+1
8th David Abbott Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club 7174145+1
9th Dawson Langan Orsett Golf Club 7572147+3
10th Jamie Benton Orsett Golf Club 7374147+3
11th Harry Wood Orsett Golf Club 7475149+5
12th Max Toombs Stoke by Nayland Golf Club 7475149+5
13th Andrew Rose The Warren Golf & Country Club (Essex) Golf Club 7773150+6
14th Cassidy Steffens Orsett Golf Club 7575150+6
15th Jason RENTON Basildon 7476150+6
16th Riley Faulkner Clacton-on-Sea 7377150+6
17th Brady Diplock Clacton-on-Sea 7675151+7
18th Tobias Tay-Smith South Essex 7378151+7
19th Daniel Vaughan Orsett Golf Club 7973152+8
20th Albert Wright Basildon 7775152+8
21st Shay McQueen Chelmsford Golf Club 7875153+9
22nd Ricky Blaxill Abridge Golf & Country Club 7578153+9
23rd James Webster West Essex 7578153+9
24th Teddy Papple Chelmsford Golf Club 7479153+9
25th William Dunn Chelmsford Golf Club 7876154+10
26th Callum Hensby Stoke by Nayland Golf Club 7976155+11
27th Joseph Hunt Basildon 7580155+11
28th Ricky Lee Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club 7184155+11
29th Max Briggs Orsett Golf Club 8175156+12
30th Josh TOBIN Basildon 7680156+12
31st Taylor Eary Garon Park Golf Complex 7581156+12
32nd Alexander Oddy Orsett Golf Club 7978157+13
33rd Edward Mason Colchester 7978157+13
34th Harry Moncur West Essex 7880158+14
35th Jamie Grace West Essex 8673159+15
36th Darren Wells Frinton Golf Club 8376159+15
37th Darrell Hafidz Aziz The Rayleigh Club 8277159+15
38th Danny Briggs Orsett Golf Club 7980159+15
39th Joshua Bethell Clacton-on-Sea 7881159+15
40th Theo baker Colchester 7485159+15
41st Dominic Piccolo Thorndon Park Golf Club 8575160+16
42nd Matthew Sandy Hainault Forest 8476160+16
43rd Jake Wells Clacton-on-Sea 8377160+16
44th Anthony Harris Ballards Gore 8080160+16
45th Stephen Stinson Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club 8081161+17
46th Steve Weidner Ballards Gore 8181162+18
47th Oliver Bangs Risebridge 7983162+18
48th Grant Allen Orsett Golf Club 7983162+18
49th Oliver Baker Colchester 8974163+19
50th Alexander McGown Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club 8679165+21
51st Jamie Reynolds Romford Golf Club 8283165+21
52nd Joe Simmonds Abridge Golf & Country Club 8184165+21
53rd Craig James Clacton-on-Sea 8784171+27
54th Frankie Morton The Rayleigh Club 8788175+31
55th Peter Knight Orsett Golf Club NR78  
56th Gareth Brown Benton Hall Golf & Country Club 77NR  
57th Jack Phillips Bentley Golf Club 79NR  
58th John Moncur West Essex 83NR  
59th R Surridge Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club 83NR  
60th Alex Maplesden Thorndon Park Golf Club 77NR  
61st Max Hogg Hainault Forest 7979+7
62nd Louis Vallis Thorndon Park Golf Club NR  
63rd Beau Brunning Three Rivers Golf Club NR  
64th Samuel Kinnane The Warren Golf & Country Club (Essex) Golf Club NR  
65th Christopher Wenn Maylands Golf Club WD  

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