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Essex Amateur County Championships 2021

Saturday 5th June 2021 - Sunday 6th June 2021
White Tees, Abridge

(95% handicap allowance)

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Gross LeaderboardR1R2R3R4TotalPar
1st Carter Rowe Chelmsford Golf Club 77717067285-3
2nd Rory Bennet Thorndon Park Golf Club 70717273286-2
3rd Brandon Meads Brentwood Golf Club 67777074288LEVEL
4th Bailee Curran Orsett Golf Club 70777369289+1
4th Michael Gilbert Chelmsford Golf Club 72767071289+1
4th Shaun Mills Orsett Golf Club 77696875289+1
7th Joe Tatam Brentwood Golf Club 78737171293+5
8th Benjamin Humphrey Chelmsford Golf Club 72747375294+6
9th Henry Styles Romford Golf Club 79687673296+8
9th Charlie Croker Thorndon Park Golf Club 72727676296+8
11th Lee Potter Abridge Golf & Country Club 78737373297+9
11th Harry Flynn Epping 73757376297+9
13th Adam Crawley Chelmsford Golf Club 76767472298+10
13th Max Briggs Orsett Golf Club 80757172298+10
15th David Price West Essex 72837371299+11
15th Lewis Wright Chelmsford Golf Club 81747074299+11
15th Perry Morgan Abridge Golf & Country Club 74767574299+11
15th George Gennings Thorndon Park Golf Club 72787475299+11
15th Nick Hawkes Garon Park Golf Complex 75737576299+11
20th Harrison Linney West Essex 74768070300+12
21st Ben Rose Abridge Golf & Country Club 77757574301+13
21st Cassidy Steffens Orsett Golf Club 77727775301+13
21st Oliver Baker Colchester 78737476301+13
24th Timmy Moncur West Essex 78797174302+14
24th Marley Read Orsett Golf Club 72757481302+14
26th Ricky Lee Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club 75777378303+15
27th Luke King Thorpe Hall Golf Club 80777473304+16
27th PIERCE MOSLEY Thorndon Park Golf Club 78727777304+16
29th Shay McQueen Brentwood Golf Club 81707975305+17
29th Micah Harvey Blowers Colchester 78727679305+17
29th William Horne Orsett Golf Club 77787080305+17
29th Bradley Coombes Orsett Golf Club 77727680305+17
33rd Thomas Love Chelmsford Golf Club 81767773307+19
34th Chris Ritchie Abridge Golf & Country Club 78787775308+20
34th Jamie Benton Orsett Golf Club 76738277308+20
36th Dominic Hoskin Benton Hall Golf & Country Club 82727977310+22
36th Louis Taylor Woodford Golf Club 77807578310+22
38th Max Oats Epping 81757880314+26
39th Christopher Wenn Maylands Golf Club 77788080315+27
39th JAKE HINTON Brentwood Golf Club 79758081315+27
41st Joe Green Orsett Golf Club 76778380316+28
41st John Moncur West Essex 80767981316+28
43rd Sam Mantom Thorpe Hall Golf Club 797684239+23
44th Christopher Robinson Benton Hall Golf & Country Club 8076NR  
45th Jack Bennewith Thorndon Park Golf Club 7582157+13
46th Dawson Langan Orsett Golf Club 7979158+14
46th Josh Davis Abridge Golf & Country Club 7880158+14
46th Peter Knight Orsett Golf Club 7781158+14
46th Harry Wood Orsett Golf Club 7484158+14
50th Gary Brown Benton Hall Golf & Country Club 7881159+15
51st Sam Greenslade Woolston Manor Golf Club 8575160+16
51st James Palmer The Essex 7981160+16
53rd Joe Simmonds Abridge Golf & Country Club 8378161+17
53rd Jack Eaton Romford Golf Club 8279161+17
53rd Frederick Warn The Warren Golf & Country Club (Essex) Golf Club 7883161+17
56th Matthew Sandy Romford Golf Club 8379162+18
56th Thomas Atkinson Chigwell Golf Club 8181162+18
56th Harry Moncur West Essex 8181162+18
59th James Webster West Essex 8380163+19
59th Oliver Bangs Risebridge 7885163+19
59th Dylan Hussey Romford Golf Club 7885163+19
59th Jamie Grace West Essex 7588163+19
63rd Tony Goold Romford Golf Club 8183164+20
63rd Nathan Parrish Stock Brook Manor Golf Club 7985164+20
65th helen maplesden Thorndon Park Golf Club 8580165+21
66th Arian Masud Colchester 8384167+23
67th Taylor Eary Garon Park Golf Complex 8880168+24
68th James Hougthton Woolston Manor Golf Club 8683169+25
69th Joseph Crossingham Rochford Hundred Golf Club 9081171+27
69th Jack Bulley Ilford 8685171+27
71st Edward Linley Romford Golf Club 8392175+31
72nd Sean Curley Wanstead 8789176+32
72nd Max Porteous Thorndon Park Golf Club 8789176+32
74th Stephen Mckoy Benton Hall Golf & Country Club 89NR  
75th Teddy Papple Chelmsford Golf Club 8282+10
76th William Walker Bishops Stortford 8888+16
77th Callum Newton Orsett Golf Club NR  
78th Callum Pipe Braintree 7879WD  

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